This time we have lot of people who donated anonymously. They didn´t do wave. They just send over money or gave me it to me personally. They told me they want to support my idea and just would like to see were the money goes. It´s nice to realize, that my idea of helping people with the wave actually works out. 

So that’s why we have a black wave (click here for more details) here in the Philippines this time. 

We got over 5000 Pesos, that’s much money here, so I thought were should the money go this time? 

My last stop was Manila, where a lot of people are very poor and live on the street. So I walked through the streets, and this time I found Christian. He is living on the street since his childhood. His parents are in jail. So he had no other choice here. He helps kids and the kids help him, it is a kind of small network on the street. It was very interesting to talk to him. 

A lot of people told me that the Philippines are one of the best countries to travel to, because they all speak perfectly English. I cannot confirm this; especially people on the street do not speak any word of English. They are using their own kind of slang. So I again needed someone who could translate for me, but the people are very kind and helped me.

The next country I will visit is Australia, see you there 🙂