This time in Malaysia I stayed alone in a hostel in Kuching, so I decided to make the wave clip on my own. Maybe it is not the best one but I think it still works.

While I was searching for the right person, I did not meet many people who really needed money. But at a shopping mall I came across two people. „Amicha“ and „Otaya“ are very kind people and I talked to both of them. A security guard saw me talking to them and helped me to translate, because they only spoke a few words English.

They are both blind and have no jobs. They are sitting the whole day at the mall and hope to get a little bit money for living. They are staying near the mall in a small apartment, so they easily get back „home“ (as far as I understood it, it is only a bed). Otaya is playing the ukulele and he is very good. So I decided that the money gets split between those two.

The wave will go on in Indonesia. 

Thank you for the support and Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


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