We reached the most money since starting the wave with over 210,00 Euro, (3.000.000,00 IDR, 999,00 MYR, 23.436,00 PKR and 7.857,00THB). We had a lot of people donating money this time. Thank you to all who supported the wave in Indonesia. It is amazing to see how the whole project is growing. So what to do with so much money? The last few times I gave it to poor people on the street. But now, here in Bali, there are so many cheaters on the street, who can you trust? I want to make sure that the money is really going to people in need. After researching a charity I found many which support animals like turtles or dolphins, but the wave’s focus is to support people. A few days later I found the „East Bali poverty project“. The webpage was very interesting , so I wrote an e-mail to them. The day before I wanted to leave the country I got an answer from David Booth, the founder of this organization. He was very interested in „the wave project“. So we met up. After we have spoken for a few minutes it was no question that the money is needed here.

The money will go to a special education program where the kids in east Bali actually educate their illiterate parents. So their curriculum, in addition to the academic topics required to graduate government exams, includes hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, organic farming, bamboo clump management, art, Balinese dance, music and much more.  

Check out here the details about the organization. You can also easily donate money on their Homepage (see above).

 The next wave is going to start in the Philippines, see you there 🙂