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The Wave Project in Australia was a little bit complicated, but we got 150 Australian Dollar together. It was difficult to find someone who really needed the money. After a few hours on the streets of Sydney and some conversations… Continue Reading →


This time we have lot of people who donated anonymously. They didn´t do wave. They just send over money or gave me it to me personally. They told me they want to support my idea and just would like to… Continue Reading →


We reached the most money since starting the wave with over 210,00 Euro, (3.000.000,00 IDR, 999,00 MYR, 23.436,00 PKR and 7.857,00THB). We had a lot of people donating money this time. Thank you to all who supported the wave in… Continue Reading →


 This time in Malaysia I stayed alone in a hostel in Kuching, so I decided to make the wave clip on my own. Maybe it is not the best one but I think it still works. While I was searching… Continue Reading →


In Thailand I am only supporting one person. While traveling through Thailand I spoke with many people about the Wave. It seems like we are just getting started. The next project in Malaysia will be bigger. There, we will support… Continue Reading →


A lot  of projects have already been started in Pakistan but the money that has already been donated to the poor people does not help in a way that it should. While speaking to a chairman (Irfan Mughal ) who belongs to… Continue Reading →

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